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Daily Archives: September 3, 2016

Digging for Truth

As I’m trying to discover my natural talents,  I thought of an analogy that seems very fitting:  Finding our true selves is like going on an archaeological dig into our own history.

You know there’s history and truth buried beneath the sands of time;  but, like a true archaeological dig, it takes passion, time, and focus to recover relics from the past.

There needs to be a reason or passion, to dig up the past.  In my case, it’s knowing that I have talents that I have not used in many years.  My dig is to uncover and define what those talents are and learn how I can use them to fulfill this passion I have for living a meaningful life.

Tracing back to our memories is like creating the map to locate an archaeological site and we can find where our true selves are buried.

As we begin digging, artifacts take shape in in the form of pictures, awards, letters, medals, home movies and year books.

Once we have unearthed all the layers of dust formed over the years, we can identify the most valuable artifacts of our past, and piece them together with memories and the emotions they provoke.

As we piece the puzzle together, we begin to find commonality between the forgotten things or attributes we once loved and those that we currently cherish.

We then realize what we thought was buried in the past is actually still a part of us today.  However, with fresh eyes, we can unearth our truth and use that as our guide to prospering in the future.  Much like how discovering forgotten history can shed light on how we have evolved into what we are as a society today.

By unearthing our own past, we find our truth.

This is a gallery of some of the artifacts I recently dug up from old boxes that were stored away for years.  Each one tells a story of my history.

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